Monday, December 8, 2008

Largest Stimulus Package Since The 1950's

Nonetheless, here are some short quick thoughts on what to expect this week.

Markets will rise this week. Markets will fall at some point in the future. See what I mean about not being an expert. Actually, let's see what else your seer of the future can prognosticate.

The Bank of Canada is expected to further reduce interest rates tomorrow (50 points is expected although some "experts" say 75 points). Based on the current squabbles in government, and the fact that the Canadian economy is markedly better off than the US, expect a decrease of only 50 basis points. Whether those savings get passed on to consumers remains to be seen.

More and more "experts" are pointing to the past two weeks as "the bottom" of this financial mess. However, expect that sudden sharp increases (1000 points) in the market will be quickly followed by people taking profits to make up for the downturn.

You can probably expect to see record low dollar numbers flowing into RRSP's in the traditional RRSP "silly season". The advent of the Tax Free Savings Account along with the drop in markets will make people skittish about investing. The reality is that now is a perfect time to buy into the market and hopefully people will realize this fact.

Expect the number of bankruptcies, both personal and corporate, to increase sharply come January. He waits for no one.

The number of people who withdraw from their RRSP's will increase as people seek to avoid the "reaper".

Pension plans already in rough shape will be further negatively impacted as companies offer incentives to get those close to retirement to "go early".

The Toronto Maple Leafs (Leaves) will not win the Stanley Cup (or make the playoffs). You knew I had to have at least one easy pick didn't you.

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