Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here Is Something To Think About

Wanted to have the weekend off but couldn't resist.

Quote from this blog from November 4th:

North American markets bottomed out around the 27th of October. Based on history, can we expect a second trough around December 1st? That would last until early January at which point markets would be expected to rally. However, the confluence of forces we have seen over the past four months are unlike most things in history. Previously on my blog, I showed that over the past 22 years, the TSX (and for that matter the S&P 500) had experienced their best growth during the month of December by a wide margin. With a 2.6% average annual increase, are we now headed back to the important psychological 10,000 mark on the TSX, or are we likely to take another step back before pushing ahead.

Let's put the December 1st date on our calendars, and see where things are headed.

Check out this chart from the Toronto Star. Do you notice anything?

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